The new lineup of 2019 Honda CRF230F is finally here and there is a matter of months when it’s going to be launched. There are many things in preparation and it heading to hit that market with the new editions. The Honda is releasing two better and equipped bikes and the audience is well prepared.

The main choices are 2019 Honda CRF230F and CRF150F. Because of its slimmer dimensions, we don’t seem to expect something more than we had in the predecessor, but still, some changes wouldn’t hurt. We believe that Honda is heading to make some bigger model of this version, but this is not confirmed yet.

2019 Honda CRF230F front

2019 Honda CRF230F Engine Specs

The new model 2019 Honda CRF230F is probably the last one which should have a 2-valve engine. All bikes should be expected to have a 4-valve configuration. And it comes with the liquid cooling system. This model will use an air-cooled displacement of 223cc. A single cylinder 4-stroke SOHC engine has a square bore and stroke.

Regarding the engine, its bigger sibling CRF250X sets this ratio at 78 x 52 mm. the model of 2019 Honda CRF230F will use 6-speed gearbox which is more than enough for this type of bike. This model will also use PGM with an electric starter.

2019 Honda CRF230F engine

2019 Honda CRF230F Pricing

The Honda CRF230F is not going to be much affordable comparing to the predecessor. With the previous price of over $4000 was under the value of CRF250L so it is more. With more money to invest, you can expect modernized liquid-cooled and bigger engine. The drive system is also modern following with smooth performance.

The new CRF230F is one of the off-road bikes which is followed by the urban appearance and high-quality equipment. The true fans know what CRF230F could do on the field and beside him. The price gap is explained by the terrain of production. While the CRF230F is building in Japan, the CRF250L is made in Thailand.

2019 Honda CRF230F

2019 Honda CRF230F Release Date

The upcoming model is still waiting to reveal the final launching date. The new Honda CRF230F is not confirmed yet about the exact promotion, but it will sure take place in Japan by the end of summer.

This model was one of the top-selling bikes in the past years. The bikes will be available in several color options, which will be one more reason to invest in this model.

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