The eastern market is eager for new models especially based on Honda possibilities and presentations. The new arrival is 2020 Honda Passport with many interesting details to and possibilities. This model is ranking as a midsize SUV with a lot of perspectives. The predictions are quite positive and it is more capable of off-road driving than it was siblings ahead. The modern exterior and design is something different and futuristic.

The modern way of production is something new which will be presented in a very same car show in Tokyo. This segment is having a serious update launching a new Passport in the same line. The Interior details are modern and spacious with a lot of room in the cabin and between the seats. The cargo area is also a good feature, especially for some travels and moves. The performing abilities of new Passport are upgraded with better gearbox without unwanted throttle. The ample engine power followed with decent off-road capability will give a positive result. This model is highly desirable for the USA market with its abilities for longer voyages. The infotainment system is also exciting often with modified additions which will make the difference among the rivals.

2020 Honda Passport

2020 Honda Passport Exterior Is Attractive and Strong

The exterior of the new 2020 Honda Passport will tickle the imagination of every new client interested in this upgraded SUV. This segment is very popular nowadays, and there is no wonder why is so attractive. The most desirable mid-size is definitely the most spacious and nicely done interior. The interior is quite better than in the CR-V model. The base shell is made of the combination of materials with aluminum which gains lighter weight than its predecessor. The dimensions are also modified with a narrow arch so it appears is sportier.

This vehicle can handle up to five passengers with generous accommodation between two rows of seats. The frontal grille is wider with the logo in the center. The LED technology is overall present in the front and back surface. Comparing to rivals, this one is a very good opponent. With nice packages and trim levels, this model will offer some interesting additions. The 15-inch tires are available in the base model but it can go up in upper trim levels. In comparison with the Toyota RAV4, the differences are minor with slight changes in the engine area.

2020 Honda Passport interior

2020 Honda Passport Interior Features and Updates

The interior of the new 2020 Honda Passport is going to be very spacious and comfortable, with the ability to receive up to five people. The interior will have quality materials following the cloth upholstery which is coming with the standard package. However, the leather materials with ventilated front seats and heated front and rear seats, with power-adjustable front seats with heated steering wheel will be available in upper trim packages.

The comfort space between the rows is one of the better things, besides the materials. This vehicle will have two complete sets of LATCH car-set connectors on the rear outboard seats. The interior will offer very nice infotainment system often followed the latest technology with safety measures and navigation systems. The Passport Sport will have the 5-inch infotainment screen, a Bluetooth and available USB port and seven-speaker sound system. The interior is very touchy and sensitive to touch which gives quite a classy feeling.

Cargo Space

The new Passport will receive a 41.2 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats. This cargo space will be ideal for some luggage or transport either you travel or just carrying things.

2020 Honda Passport side

2020 Honda Passport Engine Specs and Fuel Economy

The engine of the new 2020 Honda Passport is going to be potent and powerful with extra additions to boost performance especially on-road. The range of powertrain will be 3.5-liter V6 engine which is able to produce 280 HP and 262 pound-feet of torque. This model is paired with the nine-speed automatic transmission, which is the same option in the higher trims of the Honda Pilots.

The most powerful performance is proven on the highway which is measured that can reach even to the 25 mpg, and at the city to the 20 mpg. For mid-size SUV this is good mileage, and with AWD available this could be a nice engine. The new Passport will tend to have a light trail of exploration. It has 8.1 inches of ground clearance which is also available in AWD drive mode.

2020 Honda Passport rear look

2020 Honda Passport Price and Arrival

Having an upgraded Honda Sensing package with the following features, the new 2020 Honda Passport will have stronger pricing. The SUV with standard equipment like this will probably have several prices in an offer, but the base model will cost about $31.990. The additions like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic emergency breaking are just some things involved in overall lineup.

The upgraded top-of-the-line Elite trim for new Passport will start at $43.680, which is a little less than the final equipped trims of other rivals. This will take a nice advantage comparing t rivals since the offers are not limited, and for new generations, this will be a unique opportunity to see the masterpiece on the highways. A debut of the new middle-size SUV will be in the middle of 2020.

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