The upcoming section in the motorbike world will be fulfilled with the new model of 2019 Honda Grom 125. This mini 125cc is a bike that will bring more adventures on the road. The remake of the retro look from the 60s to the first remake in 2014, we could still claim that this bike has eternity.

One of the most selling models with over 300.000 units were a top popular bike. The essential part and the most important part is definitely the 125cc fuel efficient air cooled engine. This combo leaves no room for hesitation.

2019 Honda Grom 125

2019 Honda Grom 125 Exterior Look

The body frame of the new 2019 Honda Grom 125 will be exciting with new features ahead. The body frame is made from stronger materials which are also available in multiple color choices.

The new Honda Grom 125 will appear in two versions as Honda Grom 125 and Honda Grom ABS. The braking system is new with more stamina and endurance. The exterior can be seen in red, blue, green and yellow color, while the ABS model is available in just red. Comfortable seats and features provide a smooth and cozy ride. With LED lighting tech and hydraulic disc brakes, this bike is a must-have model for all enthusiasts.

2019 Honda Grom 125 dashboard

Engine Specs

The engine of new 2019 Honda Grom 125 will be mini 125cc which is also efficient with more torque than the predecessor. This motor should be able to produce 9.7 HP / 7000 RPM and 8.0 lb-ft of torque.

This will mean, that the new engine is consuming 134 mpg in top speed which is notable reducing of fuel. With upgraded towing capacity, this bike is ideal for long distance journeys.

2019 Honda Grom 125 side

2019 Honda Grom 125 Price and Release Date

According to some reports the new Honda Grom 125 will be released in two versions. The main Grom 125 will cost about $3399 which is an affordable price for a bike like that. the other version is the ABS version with a price of $3600. The release date is going to happen mid-July in the current year but nothing is official yet.

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