Honda is preparing new surprise regarding the 2019 car show for the eastern market. The upcoming bike redesign will make the super famous superbike Honda V4 for next generations.

The most desirable type of motorbikes will definitely be the most waited model in the last ten years. The release is planned to take place at the 70th anniversary of Honda and a true V4 presentation in the honor of legendary RC30 and RC45. The unique redesign of the body frame and boosted performance will definitely give this motor a true opportunity to shy.

Honda V4 front

Honda V4 Design

The main design is prepared to reduce aerodynamic drag. The bike uses lighter materials and such as, cuts weight for better maneuvering and driving mode. A single setup routes air through the intakes either seat pad, and through a duct in the top allow the air to go from the slope of the riders back.

The ducts merge into a single exit between the two taillights. this patent will be helpful for the engine to flow smoothly while riding and V4 engine has no interruptions. The LED technology is in the overall line-up and it shows great strength during the foggy weather.

Honda V4 side

Honda V4 Engine Specs

The new engine for Honda V4 will be a radical one. The V4 engine is having a bright future due to its use for Honda racer bikes. This one will deal with the upgraded howling system and without any pressure, this will be one of the better updates. Finally, the fuel reduction is significant and liquid fuel is at its minimum.

Honda V4 rear

Honda V4 Release Date and Price

The announcement about releasing new V4 rose a few eyebrows which means that the news long wait. With excitement, we could see the previous customer feedbacks. Weel, the price will tend to start at $40.000 by rough predictions. This would be probably one of the greatest surprises for this year. However, upper editions will probably cost more.

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