The new arrival in the mid-size truck segment will attract future buyers and attempt to expand the sell. However, the new 2020 Toyota Hilux is coming as a carryover model without and strict features. The new model will have better performances and versatile appearance. This truck belongs to the second generation of Hilux vehicles. Some details are slightly redesigned in the overall design. The previous generation started in 2016 and it still lasts.

At the moment, new Hilux will not receive drastic changes, except in the powertrain segment. The Hilux is one of the most customizable trucks which can be sorted as one of the less complicated for purchase. The engine line-up will offer the same features with boosted performance. In the USA, we could expect some changes regarding this model in diesel version. Since the Tacoma mid-size truck is available there, the current Hilux has a diesel edition which Tacoma doesn’t. however, we can put some serious hope that in future time the Hilux will be presented as diesel solution in this segment.

2020 Toyota Hilux

2020 Toyota Hilux Styling is Angular and Modern

Since the last refresh two years ago, the new 2020 Toyota Hilux will not receive any drastic changes. Even like the current model, new Hilux will look the same as attractive and spacious as it was before. However, styling is angular and modern with SUV-like design. Since its the most customizable trucks in this segment, the following configurations will come as standard with slightly changed details such as side steps and bumpers.

The 2020 season should be one of the best ones for promoting new materials and upgraded design. the existing model will receive some improvements which will be interesting and attractive for European buyers. On the front, the new grille will receive chrome protective layer and so as the shell cover of the truck. Bumpers are larger with a wider aperture and lower focus. The client could choose among 15-inch alloy wheels on the SR Class Double Cab and 17-inch alloy wheels on the double Cab SR-X class.

2020 Toyota Hilux interior

Interior Design and Upgrades

The interior of the new 2020 Toyota Hilux is way more modern and spacious than before. The interior segment will also suffer minor changes but nevertheless, this vehicle is made for full comfort. The infotainment system will add some upgrades which will make drive smooth and easy. The shape and design of buttons and vents will remain the same.

The seating layout will remain as the current one and vinyl flooring is the latest innovation which is very popular among the customers. The dashboard is intact with the driver information screen. The upgraded infotainment system is upgraded and will add an instrument cluster with the same number of buttons.

Trim Features

The equipment will be different in various trim levels, and the standard one will come within cloth seats and power windows, followed with LED technology. The range-topping models are available with premium luxury trim levels.

2020 Toyota Hilux side

Toyota Hilux Powertrain

the most upgrade is definitely reserved for powertrain segment. The new 2020 Toyota Hilux will have three options under the hood which can also be customized in the moment of purchase.

This mid-size pickup truck will offer the 2.7-liter gasoline engine, which can gain 165 HP and 180 lb-ft of torque as a standard choice. With fuel reduction, the less fuel will be spent which is environmentally acceptable.

Diesel Engine

The most anticipated version of a diesel engine will be 2.4 liters with 147 HP and 295 lb-ft as optional. The turbodiesel option will be available on mid-size trims as standard. The most powerful unit is going to be diesel 2.8 which can offer 175 HP and 330 lb-ft of twists. All of these engine solutions will offer 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic gearboxes.

2020 Toyota Hilux rear

2020 Toyota Hilux Price

The price for the 2020 Toyota Hilux will be almost the same. Since the Japanese carmaker did almost zero changes, we could expect not so great price gap. The starting price will be about $20.500, although is not sure at what point and trim levels will be changed. Numerous trim levels will be available and the range-topping models will get the price of $41.000.

Release Date

This mid-size truck is going to appear mainly in Europe, and later in the Australian market as some way of the special edition. The diesel edition is probably coming for the USA market after some time, but nothing is official yet.

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