The new arrival of 2020 Mazda 3 is heading to be one of the toughest arrivals in the past years. The most common question is, what the new generation is preparing for us now? However, the second series of the 2020 Mazda 3 came at LA Auto Show last year, and the features looked impressive and attractive. The first two generations had generous offers with a turbocharged version, MPS or Mazdaspeed3, depending on the market area available.

However, the Mazda is ready now to break the rules with the third generation where is no offer regarded to the engine. The same thing will do with the future 4th generation of 3 as well. According to the Mazda headquarters, the reason for banishing the MPS/Mazdaspeed is the permanent role on the market. The main goal is to beat the competition and to establish itself as a premium carmaker. The Mazda is becoming an important player and such as the arrival of the third generation of Mazda 3 is something unbeatable.

2020 Mazda 3

2020 Mazda 3 Exterior

The design of the new generation of 2020 Mazda 3 is in some way complicating. Although, it is no official detail about the final appearance. Although some features are based on rumors and other claims, we could do the small run through possibilities available. The new arrival will use the new platform which is stronger and less noisy. The exterior and overall design are quite simple. The engineers will try to keep in line with recent technological achievements and in that, in mind, the car will receive new modern appearance.

The new 2020 Mazda 3 is going to be available in various hatchback and sedan variants. The sedan exterior is planned to be a unique piece of metal which will appear as a single block by adding blended lines. For the hatch edition, the exclusive color was created which will also have redesigned lights and frontal part.

2020 Mazda 3 interior

Interior Is Luxurious

The interior is now there to please the driver and to develop a unique feeling of comfort. The new 2020 Mazda 3 is finding a new way of setting the interior design. The cockpit will be smaller with luxury materials which are appealing to the eye. The elements in the interior are fitting the driver’s needs also maintaining the symmetry. In the cockpit, we could expect a newly designed shift panel in a glossy black finish.

The color of the materials should be burgundy which is no available in some trim levels. The access to the control center is easier by moving the gearshift lever forward and higher as the commander controller. The cupholders are moved to another side of the shift lever.

Techs Inside

All the programs available including the navigation and maps could be seen via the 8.8-inch non-touchscreen center display. The interesting technical gadgets are available too. The Active Driving Display shows information in a simple way allowing the driver access to all the basics of driving. Sound is focused via an 8-speaker standard audio-system with the 12-speaker system.


The new model of 2020 Mazda 3 will get more upgrades in more levels according to last reports. The safety mode is on a higher level and if we compare it to the previous one, everything is much better. The A-pillar is different in terms to reduce to the minimum the obstruction angle and resulting in blind spots.

The control system for the wipers has been tampered with. On road, the car uses i-ACTIV AWD with G-vectoring Control Plus systems to respond to drivers controls. also to avoid the slippery roads.

2020 Mazda 3 side

2020 Mazda 3 Engine Specs

The new 2020 Mazda 3 is heading to make a true statement as a newborn car. All the Mazda vehicles are getting power by the company’s SKYACTIV engines. There will be gasoline and diesel units and so as the hybrids too. Although is not specified when the hybrid solution is in process of development. The gasoline range will represent SKYACTIV-G engine with displacements of 1.5; 2.0; and 2.5liters while the diesel models will come as the 1.8-liter SKYACTIV-D powerplant.

The top engine will be definitely the SKYACTIV-X also known as Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI). This engine is recognized as a world the first choice. The exact numbers and info about performance and fuel consumptions are on hold for now. Although the fuel resumption is present, afterward we will see the final results after finished tests.

2020 Mazda 3 rear

Price and Release Date

The 2020 Mazda 3 will represent the third generation of Mazda 3 vehicles. This will be one of the most desirable vehicles from Japanese car-makers. The base estimated price for the base model of basic trim should be about $21.500.

The top trim level which has all the equipment required is going to be up to $30.000. The company did not officially confirm whether it be more tests and additions in order to create a more upgraded machine. However, after the final launching, we could see the unique performance on board.

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