The latest attraction on the Japanese market will be definitely a new edition of 2020 Toyota Venza. The previous owners of this popular vehicle had only nice words to say. The new upcoming model will bring back old fashioned couture with a new redesign and engine. The reason why it stopped working is poor sales and low feature standards.

However, the new market is having trouble with having a new model on board since there is no certain info when will be available. This SUV will suffer some serious investments, especially in the technical part. The new Venza is inspired by existing highlander which will also be more than a qualified competitor in this segment. The new Venza will be smaller dimensions with the ability to receive up to five people. concerning the engine, there were some words about the hybrid solution and all-electric SUV as well.

2020 Toyota Venza front

2020 Toyota Venza Exterior Design

From the exterior part, there is nothing to be so much redesigned. The new 2020 Toyota Venza will change dimensions and appearance by adding some new materials in the overall line-up.

The existing Highlander will definitely be the model what we expect to be new Venza. This means newly updated interior and LED technology. The frontal fascia will loos similar to the previous model with changed grille and front bumpers.

Interior Specs

From the other hand, the interior will have some interesting facts concerning the technology area. The company is showing interest in the multimedia segment. This means introducing a new Entune system, which will be part of its infotainment system as well.

This is not all, the Japanese carmaker introduced Android Auto service for some models and last year launched Apple CarPlay. This would be an opportunity for the system to meet the desires of future clients. The interior will contain the two rows of seats which is enough for passengers and cargo. The rear seats are foldable which can offer more space if it’s needed.

2020 Toyota Venza interior

2020 Toyota Venza Powertrain Options and Transmission System

The 2020 Toyota Venza should be available with AWD option since this is the real costumer’s feedback. This version is more attractive than the previous 2WD. With the smooth and improved balance, so the maneuvering will get some boosts in this area. This will mean thatĀ  Toyota is receiving new ground clearance as well.

The base engine will have offer a four-cylinder spec and we hope it will go forĀ  V6. However, in some way, we could expect a 3.5 liter V6 as final choice and this for will cost over $30.000. The base configuration should be paired with a 2.5-liter four-pot engine with 8-speed transmission. The same engine could be the choice for the hybrid version. The electric motors will add more power and improved fuel economy. The new Venza will be longer and heavier with 230 HP and 200-pound-feet of torque.

2020 Toyota Venza engine

Pros and Cons

the lacking of interests for this mid-size SUV in earlier days was the result of poor sales. Especially not investing enough sources to invest in this type of vehicle. Regarding all of this, future buyers couldn’t find the right replacement for the previous model in this segment.

However, the new 2020 Toyota Venza must find a way to introduce the AWD edition which will be the crucial advantage. However, even the Highlander is sort of sibling, the advantages in the lineup and design can’t be compared. the new SUV will most likely expand many mentioned offers but nothing is confirmed yet. The company will announce the final details in some closer time.

2020 Toyota Venza rear

Price and Release Date

The new model of 2020 Toyota Venza supposed to be one of the most interesting models in the last ten years. The new vehicle will have some features between the Highlander and RAV4 by size and price too. The base model for Venza should be between $29.000, and with features like AWD and V6 or hybrid even will start at $30.000. The top trim levels will be upgraded to the $40.000.

The most intriguing part is that Toyota did not confirm any of that information. However, meanwhile, we could set our hopes into siblings like subcompact C-HR, compact RAV4, and mid-size Highlander. In some speculations, the new Vezel should be offering similar specs like Highlander with better fuel economy. This model is expected to debut at the end of this year as the 2020 model.

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