The new arrival of 2020 Nissan X-Trail SUV will receive special upgrades and the new edition will expand the current offer. Also known as the fourth generation, this model should be available with seven seats, or in another case, the next redesign will have this available. According to the latest reports, this model of Nissan should be the one with greater dimensions.

The new upgrade and redesign will be enough to boost the sales for this model, since its more popular in Europe and the eastern market. This model will be available with its first hybrid engine option. The current third generation has nice features, and the upcoming fourth will show its full capability. The base model will be affordable with rich equipment in offer. As much the upper trim level goes the price will be higher too.

2020 Nissan X-Trail

All-New Nissan X-Trail 2020

The new upgraded version of 2020 Nissan X-Trail exterior will look much better than the current model. The hints are coming from the fresh Nissan Qashqai. The new exterior has much serious appearance and sporty features. The shape is masculinely followed by the new grille and frontal additions. Bolder and sharper, the new X-Trail will come with totally new dimensions and with the more efficient body. This SUV will try to have some details to remind us of a crossover, but eventually, in other editions, we might expect that too.

The frontal part is under reconstruction, with new grille and LED lamps which are possible to find through the overall line-up. The V-motion will remain the same and the rear, rear roof spoiler will be standard with the panoramic roof as optional. The bumpers are looking refreshing in new shape with an upper position at the front. The color options are various and the most important are orange, white and black.

2020 Nissan X-Trail interior

Cabin Features

The renewed interior of the new model of 2020 Nissan X-Trail will suffer some adjustments. The cabin room is going to be spacious and wide with standard equipment and separated dashboard. One of the novelties of the new infotainment system is upgraded climate control. The drive assist looks more approachable and simple. The 5-inch touchscreen is still part of the dash with upgraded programs of audio system and navigation.

The interior materials are covered with leather details are chrome protective materials. The new X-trail will offer the best rear legroom in this segment. The safety measures involved in this model will be the latest on the market. the anti-lock braking system, brake assist, and airbags will help to this SUV get highly rated marks.

2020 Nissan X-Trail Engine

The new SUV of 2020 Nissan X-trail engine will be available in three different versions. A base engine is a 1.6 liter unit with four cylinders which gives 128 HP. this engine is capable to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 10.5 sec. In the higher trim level, we can expect a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, with the output of 177 HP.

This engine is one of the best decisions and the offers are very attractive and are capable to achieve 0 to 60 mph in 9,4 sec. The diesel version is still under the question mark, and some rumors are saying about 1.6 unit. This is not confirmed yet.

2020 Nissan X-Trail rear

Hybrid Version

With the new release of the new 2020 Nissan X-trail model, we could expect the hybrid version within. This SUV will try to maintain the expansion of the current offer to attract future buyers. The hybrid version looks attractive with sunroof and crafted 19-inch alloy wheels. The dashboard will have better options on screens such as temperature indicator lamp, motor running status, and energy flow.

2020 Nissan X-Trail hybrid

The drivetrain will be familiar as the 2.0 liter unit with the use of the electric motor. this motor adds about 40 HP and up to 100 lb-ft of torque, so the hybrid will have final output at 142 HP and 143 lb-ft of torque. the better fuel economy goes upon the use of Lithium-ion battery. This model provides 34 mpg combined, and the 35 kW lithium-ion battery will be enough to start the engine. The manual clutch is available in the standard offer as well.

2020 Nissan X-Trail Price and Release Date

The base model of the new 2020 Nissan X-Trail will cost about $23.500. The closer release date will be familiar at the beginning of 2020.

In Europe, we could assume that the presentation is set in mid-2020 and very sell later. In the USA this model will be known as Nissan Rogue. The main rivals will be Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5, and the competition is stronger every year.

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