The new arrivals were very well hidden from the audience, especially by Honda factory. The future generations will have decent rivals, which will be available in the eastern market, Europe and the USA. In the USA, we had an opportunity to see only some models of Acuras, and at the end Civic Type-R in 2017. Now, we could expect to see some closeups for the redesign of the new 2020 Honda Accord Type-R.

The highlights were based on the redesign and upgraded performance, and yet the infotainment system will show the greatest prosper. The future Type-R will have aggressive sporty styling with greater dimensions and sharper colors. The overall impression is to find a more aggressive model in this segment. The new Accord will show the real nature of sedans especially off-road and at full speed.

2020 Honda Accord Type R

2020 Honda Accord Type R Offers Sporty Design With Modern Technology

As a result of launching a new generation of Accord on the eastern market, the company decided to make a complete makeover of design. Combining the sporty design with modern technology, the new vehicle will show great results. Especially having on mind that sporty sedans like 2020 Honda Accord Type-R are always popular, this appearance will be quite interesting.

This version will keep some details from the current model as the massive grille with logo on it on the frontal fascia. The vents will stay bigger which is ideal masculine detail. Combining with LED headlights, the fierce model will stay aggressive and sporty. The extra lip will be at the bottom of the fascia which provides frontal downforce. The new model of the 2020 edition will bring new divide on having colored mirrors and moonroof.

2020 Honda Accord Type R interior

New Materials and Techs

The interior of the new 2020 Honda Accord Type-R will be spacious and equipped with new materials and an upgraded infotainment system. The redesign is also including new interior items which connect furniture and materials. The front seats are comfortable with enough room for the driver with a clear view of the front. The materials as aluminum shift knob and short-throw shifter to go with red details are promising for upper trim levels. The steering wheel also has red details, and seatbelts are made of carbon fiber materials.

The new model will get 9-inch infotainment display combined with LED technology combined with 7-inch instrument display. The infotainment system will also get its own unique software with new programs installed. The insert of 6-inch head-up display and 4G-LTE internet connection will also be an option and with even better connections. The audio department is going to be more updated with a 450-watt 10 speaker system with two additional USB ports. In addition, we have a novelty of 16.7 cubics of cargo space.

Powertrain Specs

The new model of 2020 Honda Accord Type-R will be an upgraded version of the current model which has some similar features with earlier models. The new engine will have stronger output and stronger howling spec. The Type-R will offer 260 HP and 275 pound-feet of torque which is somewhat stronger than the current edition.

The first Type-R was produced from ’98 to ’02 just in UK and Europe. In Japan, this model was known as the JDM model only available in some short notice and could deliver 209 HP and 164 pound-feet of torque from 2.2-liter four-cylinder. The final result was gaining a stronger engine with great performance and reducing oil losses at a minimum. The new Type-R is showing more strength, especially on highways. The new generations are showing more interests in this type of engine.

2020 Honda Accord Type R engine

2020 Honda Accord Type R Price and Production

The new 2020 Honda Accord Type R is worthy all invests which demands. The base price for the baseType-R will start at $43.000in the Touring trim level. This package offers navigation, Honda Sensing system, LED lights, and heated seats. This will also include the V6 engine. When it comes to official launching, the Honda did not specify or confirmed place and market happening.

Therefore, we believe that mainly exposure should happen in Tokyo at first and later in Europe and the USA. The main rivals of the new Accord could be Ford Fusion Sport with the same but not stronger features.

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