This is something that people usually fantasizes about, and this arrival has it all. Among the most popular novelties among Japanese market should mention new 2020 Honda E model which could be one of the best solutions for car buffs. The modern EV concept is revealed in 2017 Frankfurt show but as one teaser. Nothing was confirmed back then. However, boosting new technology combined with a new modern appearance in this segment, we can expect wild rollercoaster. This LED-designed electric car will bring new crush with modern and classical features.

This will make some things more approachable for older fans and something pretty much new for beginners. We can’t claim everything on rumors, but the strong will and desire are highly present to learn about new opportunities and advance technology. What we have here is the prototype of the new 2020 Honda e which is spotted while testing and looks like a copy of the uber-cute concept.

2020 Honda E

2020 Honda E Design

The design is pretty much complicated, especially that we have partial clues about this topic. There is no doubt that the new 2020 Honda e will start as the main contributor to the new generation. The very customized materials will be as an option and strong investments are about to be revealed. The key design is to create a more retro body and adopting circular elements.

The taillights are often followed with LEd technology which is involved both in the overall design. This could manage the frontal part and the headlights to look more directly under the sharper angle. The rearview camera is present in line with outside mirrors. This model will be presented at the 5-door model which is more ahead than the 3-door solution. The ground clearance will be upper in some trim levels, and the pattern of the wheel will have simple design than in earlier vehicles.

2020 Honda E interior

Cabin Looks Futuristic

The interior is going to be quite interesting and we can expect many techs inside. The new 2020 Honda e is going to be a crossover with very interesting structure and therefore we could expect a nicely done interior. However, even if it had this type of design, there will be plenty of room inside. This model is having a better infotainment system with new programs and more simpler dashboard. The main and the most important thing is safety measures and navigation that has Google + systems.

The genuine materials and leather upholstery will be ideal for younger buyers and especially by involving new mp3 Soundsystem with two USB jacks. There will be enough room both for driver and passengers, especially for the legroom. There is no doubt that color options will have the wide specter of choice and even base trim levels will have a nicely equipped offer.

2020 Honda E side

Engine Specs, Range

We do not have any accurate data about engine spec. However, the final test is not over yet and we believe there will be several engine solutions. since this is the model for a new generation, we can find new interesting facts about this engine redesign. According to the latest reports from Honda industry, we know that a full charge should be about 124 miles.

This will be a vehicle which could have the 80 percent charge in 30 minutes, which infrastructure allows to do so. The new 2020 Honda E will be brought up as the vehicle with plug-in hybrid tech and electric position with fuel-cell batteries.

2020 Honda E rear

2020 Honda E Release Date and Price

There are no certain details about launching a new model of 2020 Honda E. This means that we could expect the final release any time soon. It was planned to be revealed in the current year, but nothing was confirmed yet. The idea for a new electric car based on the latest technology could happen for eastern and European market.

The plans for the USA market are still on hold. Perhaps the sizing is not adjustable for those audiences over there. The final reveal could happen at September’s Frankfurt International Motor Show, and like its rival, we could expect Volkswagen ID 3 electric car. This could be very possible to see the features what offering both sides. The price is not yet available.

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