Sienna is already one of the best minivans on the market. However, the 2021 Toyota Sienna will be even better. The Japanese carmaker plans to dominate this segment and its minivan is ready for the next chapter. In 2020, Sienna will get a hybrid powertrain. Year after that, Sienna will become the first minivan with Uber’s new self-driving technology.

Whatsoever, Toyota invested almost $500 million in Uber’s development of the self-driving system. Moreover, this will become the world’s safest system. Everything is still in production at the moment. However, no doubt that the 2021 Sienna will be something different. Besides that, Toyota will introduce further upgrades both in and out.

2021 Toyota Sienna spy shots

2021 Sienna Spy Photos

Latest spy shots of the new 2021 Toyota Sienna emerged online. Covered in black plastic, this is the best we can get at the moment. Future Sienna will get subtle changes on its doors, for the start. Interestingly, the side profile now offers better aerodynamics and cues are similar to the Lexus RX model. Mesh grille sits lower this time and front fascia definitely looks sportier.

Toyota will also offer tighter suspension, bigger wheels, and new side mirrors. The TNG platform is relatively new so Sienna won’t change dimensionally. On the other hand, Toyota offers power liftgate and sliding doors systems. Unfortunately, the spy shots failed to provide interior details.

Uber’s Self-Driving System

The Japanese manufacturer has no plans to stop. The plan is to make Sienna the most dominant model in the minivan segment. For that reason, Toyota invested around $500 million in Uber’s new self-driving technology. The upcoming 2021 Toyota Sienna will get this system. Knowing that Sienna will use Uber’s ride-sharing network. Sienna won’t be the only Toyota’s model that will deploy this feature.

However, it will be the first. Thanks to this technology, safety will be impressive. Sienna will get lane-keeping assist as the latest update. Generally, this is a huge step, not only for Sienna but for the whole automotive industry. Hybrids are already present and self-driving vehicles are the next big thing that will happen. Some fans are skeptic about this system while some others are thrilled.

2021 Toyota Sienna uber

Hybrid Specs, MPG

The rumors are suggesting an all-electric minivan. However, that will not happen, not today, not tomorrow. The forthcoming 2021 Toyota Sienna will get a hybrid variant. A 3.5-liter V6, electric motor, and the battery pack will produce up to 330 hp. That is a lot of power for a minivan.

On top of that, fuel efficiency will be astonishing. Toyota will deliver over 35 mpg combined, which is amazing. The minivan segment will have a new champion in 2021, no doubt about it.

2021 Toyota Sienna hybrid

2021 Toyota Sienna Price and Release Date

Logically, the all-new 2021 Toyota Sienna will cost more than its predecessor. Thanks to the hybrid drivetrain and Uber’s self-driving technology, Sienna will now start at $41,000.

Interestingly, the current model costs $35,500. Toyota will most likely offer five trim levels once again. On top of that, it will be the safest minivan on the planet. Sienna will hit the markets at the start of 2021.

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