The forthcoming 2021 Honda HR-V will hit the showrooms later next year. If the rumors are correct, this crossover will arrive as the new-generation model. That means we can expect a complete exterior redesign. Moreover, the Japanese carmaker will look to improve every segment of the vehicle.

Thanks to that, we will see numerous interior changes and much more. The subcompact crossover could introduce the all-new engine, along with the hybrid variant. As before, HR-V will also become available in the United States.

2021 Honda HR-V redesign

2021 HR-V Exterior Redesign

New-generation 2021 Honda HR-V will go through a complete redesign. It will be an exciting year for the subcompact crossover for various reasons. For a start, HR-V already looks very eye-catching and attractive. We can only assume that the new model will look even better. This model is present since 1999. The second-gen model is currently on the market since 2015 to be precise.

 Now, the 2021 model is the next in line to get a redesign. Expect numerous changes in terms of design and styling. New headlights, grille, and bumpers are just a start. On top of that, Honda is willing to provide new optional wheels and even the new tailgate. Lastly, HR-V crossover will get new color options.

Get Ready For the Interior Overhaul

Inside the cabin, a new 2021 Honda HR-V will host a lot of upgrades. That mostly includes new system and high-tech features. The interior layout will largely remain. HR-V won’t introduce new platform, so there will be no dimensional changes. Thanks to that, interior room is unchanged for 2021. Honda will look to reduce the number of buttons and controls inside the cabin. On top of that, the subcompact crossover will most likely get an all-new and larger touchscreen.

The new interior scheme is another rumor for now, but we don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t happen. Furthermore, HR-V will get new steering wheel and more chrome trims. However, the real luxury is available only on the range-topping trim level. Whatsoever, leather seats, a larger touchscreen, and additional safety gear are standard on the higher trims.

2021 Honda HR-V interior

There Won’t be New Engine Option

Here’s the thing. There won’t be a new engine for 2021 Honda HR-V, despite numerous speculations. The rumors are suggesting a new engine but only for the U.S. markets. However, we are convinced that the only innovation could be a hybrid powertrain. Whatsoever, that is also unlikely, and it makes more sense for hybrid to arrive in 2022 or later. That means the subcompact crossover will continue to offer the same engine as its predecessor.

A 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine is available, and it produces 141 horsepower and 127 lb-ft of torque. The customers can choose between an optional CVT or standard 6-speed manual transmissions. AWD system is also optional, and it will drop the fuel economy rating, but not drastically. Whatsoever, HR-V provides 25 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. As you can see, the focus is on fuel efficiency rather than power.

2021 Honda HR-V engine

2021 Honda HR-V Release Date and Price Details

The next-gen 2021 Honda HR-V will make its debut in the second half of 2020. Shortly after that, the subcompact crossover will hit the dealerships in the United States. The price will start at $24,000.

It is a small jump in terms of cost over the current model that is available for $22,500. A hybrid version is still a rumor, but it is also a possibility. We’ll follow the news and keep you posted.

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