Toyota plans to capitalize on other carmakers by doing the opposite things. As you know, most of the manufacturers are giving up on city cars. The all-new 2021 Toyota Aygo is the company’s answer. The plan is to deliver the new-gen Aygo with SUV-inspired styling cues. On top of that, Toyota recently released a new Yaris model as well.

Clearly, Toyota sees an opportunity where other manufacturers don’t. On top of that, all established carmakers are running away from the car segment without thinking. Aygo will surely get a redesign, interior overhaul and possibly a stronger powertrain option under its hood.

2021 Toyota Aygo redesign

2021 Aygo Exterior Redesign

The forthcoming 2021 Toyota Aygo will be the new-gen model. That means you can expect numerous exterior changes and upgrades. However, new Aygo will keep its recognizable appearance. Moreover, the X-shaped face remains, along with the recently refreshed LED headlights.

On top of that, the grille will sport horizontal slats, and we can expect new fog lights as well. Down the flanks, this car will be a carryover. However, the rear part comes with a new pair of taillights. The Japanese manufacturer will introduce new exterior colors and possibly a new range of alloy wheels.

2021 Toyota Aygo rear

Interior Updates

As for the interior, this small car won’t get such dramatic upgrades. Still, the 2021 Toyota Aygo will introduce a couple of modern updates. For a start, infotainment system is about to get essential update. Moreover, instrument cluster will get new graphics.

We expect from Toyota to deliver new chrome finishes and to improve the level of comfort inside the cabin. On top of that, Aygo will offer more optional equipment in 2021. That means you can expect new driver-assistance aids and latest phone integrations.

2021 Toyota Aygo interior

Possible Engine Options

Toyota said the company’s hybrid system will carry new Aygo in 2021. That means we shouldn’t expect electric version of this small car. The 2021 Toyota Aygo is in manufacturer’s plans for the future, no doubt about it. But Toyota clearly doesn’t want to rush with decisions.

Still, all-electric version is a possibility in the near future.  On top of that, Aygo will surely offer smaller, low-cost combustion as a standard powerplant. We are waiting for the Japanese manufacturer to provide further details in the next months.

2021 Toyota Aygo Price and Release Date

The carmaker sells 100,000 Aygos a year. Moreover, the company said that Aygo gives to the brand rather than takes away. For that reason, the Japanese manufacturer doesn’t want to give up on this car. The 2021 Toyota Aygo will be the next-gen model. Most likely, this model will get a small jump in price. Still, it will remain affordable, which is the ultimate goal.

Moreover, Toyota plans to release new Supra and GT86 models. As for the Aygo, it is the only Toyota’s hybrid car available in Europe. Of course, don’t expect Aygo to arrive in the United States at any time. New 2021 Aygo will be released in the second half of 2020.

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