According to the latest reports, Nissan will offer a new off-road-oriented pickup truck. It is the all-new 2021 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner. We still don’t know if this model will be introduced as a trim level of a special edition. Like the original Frontier, the Desert Runner variant is also classified as a mid-size truck. However, this version will look more aggressive and wilder in every single category.

Frontier shouldn’t arrive with significant changes. For that reason, we expect for Desert Runner to represent a real refreshment in this off-road segment. This model will provide the ultimate off-road capabilities, better performances, and more aggressive styling. The exact price and release date are yet to be announced.

2021 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner exterior

2021 Frontier Desert Runner Exterior Features and Design

As for the design, the new 2021 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner will look refreshing. The complete design is logically based on the original Frontier, so we are going to see plenty of similarities. However, Desert Runner will arrive with large 37-inch BFGoodrich tires. Additionally, 17-inch Fifteen52 TurboMac wheels are offered as standard. The complete model looks somewhat scary and robust.

Most of the features have been enlarged, and the truck will surely grab the attention in the city. Larger bumpers, fenders, headlights, and taillights are visible at first glance. Furthermore, this pickup truck will offer off-road lighting system and more ground clearance.

2021 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner off road

Interior Accessories

The upcoming 2021 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner will get basically the same cabin as its brother. Moreover, numerous reports are saying that both Frontier and Desert Runner will get the same type of refreshments. That includes new high-tech amenities, more chrome trims, and better safety. However, this special variant comes with a Sparco steering wheel.

Furthermore, a quick-release adapter is available. This feature is very useful during dangerous off-roading adventures, and it could save your life. As for the rest of the interior, regular Frontier and Desert Runner will look pretty much the same.

Engine Specs

The very first thing Nissan needed to change is the engine. The reason is simple. A 4.0-liter V6 isn’t powerful enough for the new 2021 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner. For that reason, a 5.6-liter V8 engine is in the offer. This output is also getting a Garret GTX3584RS turbocharger. Thanks to that, Desert Runner will provide 600 horsepower and up to 700 lb-ft of torque.

The customers can choose between a 6-speed manual and a 7-speed automatic transmission. However, some reports are saying that only the manual gearbox will be available. Besides that, Desert Runner will get a new intercooler and new pistons. Nissan will also install a new exhaust system, camshafts, and valves.

2021 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner engine

2021 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner Price and Release Date

The all-new 2021 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner will try to rival other mid-size pickup trucks. That includes Ford F-150 Raptor, Ram Rebel TRX, and Chevy Colorado ZR2. According to our sources, this off-road pickup truck won’t become available anytime soon.

Whatsoever, the sales should start later in 2021 or at the beginning of 2022. Price is also a mystery at the moment. We will provide you with more information once Nissan releases official details.

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